Monday, September 28, 2009

Guaranteed: Difficult.

My friend, recently decided that for 30 days she is 'going vegan.' She had lots of supportive, encouraging, comments on her blog, except for me. Being the hamburger-ice cream-cheese-steak-friend that I am, I told her I think I would rather die.

I love food, all types. (But really, that could be a whole 'nother post...)

Really though, I am supportive of her in her personal challenge. I mean, supportive that I let her pick the restaurant we ate at last week. Supportive that I didn't order a juicy hamburger or steak. And supportive that when the waiter mistakenly brought a volcanic-chocolate cake-dripping-with-more-chocolate dessert to our table, instead of "accidentally pretending" it was ours and basking in the non-vegan glory, I said in unison with her, "We didn't order that." I continued eating my non-vegan meal that was more subtle in it's non-veganism.

BUT, though I would rather die than try something as drastic as going vegan. When my friend announced on her blog she was doing this she issued the following challenge to her friends and readers:

"What about you? Is there anything you have been meaning to accomplish or change? Any goal that you have been putting off? Why don't you join me in my first 30 days. Think of something you have been trying to improve, or something you want to start. Let's try it together, working towards these goals, for 30 days. We can complain together, support each other, and congratulate ourselves when we reach our goals."

I told her I would think about it. I have. Even though it has taken me two weeks, and even though she is now two weeks into her worthy goal/challenge, I've picked mine.

Warning, it will be hard... Maybe harder than not eating meat or dairy...

I'm not going to raise my voice to my children or husband for thirty days. (I'd say not raise my voice to anyone, but unfortunately, I only raise my voice at them. Yes, I only raise it at the people I love the most...)
UH-OH-I've admitted it publicly.
I have a permanent record of it now.
I have to do it now.
I will.

I issue the same challenge to you that my friend did to me. What are you going to do? What challenge are you going to live with for thirty days?

And what will the reward be after thirty days? Perhaps when we reach our goals, we can all go out and celebrate together, and while my friend eats a non-vegan meal, I will yell!


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