Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clean Kids

(Megan, June 1999)

(Luke, July 2002)

(Ellie, April 2005)

(Joshua, February 2008)

When we went 3 weeks without using a dishwasher recently, I was concerned that I would miss the window of opportunity in which Drew would start climbing onto it. You see, I have a photo of each of my four kids in the dishwasher, having climbed in/on it themselves. I couldn't bear the thought that poor Drew would forever think it was because he was a fifth child, that he didn't have a dishwasher photo, rather than the mere fact, we weren't using a dishwasher!! (Nor could I bring myself to 'stage' the photo. It needed to be legitimate.)

But, with the help of the appliance man, my handy husband (who actually ended up doing/knowing more than the appliance man), a running dishwasher, and my dear baby Drew (who wouldn't want to disappoint his mother), the day finally arrived.

Drew was in my dishwasher!!

And you'd have thought he was doing something genius or unheard of, if you could have heard my squeals of delight as I grabbed the camera.

But, alas. My baby dishwasher days have been accomplished..
(Drew, February 2010)

And if you are really observant, you will notice that they are all in different dishwashers! Mike and I have owned several dishwashers.... With the exception being the photo of Ellie (she is in my parent's dishwasher-we lived with them for 6 months.)

(Stay tuned in the next year, when hopefully, Drew like the other four children before him, will, unbeknownst to me, find a box of Lucky Charms and be found somewhere, eating/dumping them.
Hope Drew doesn't disappoint...)


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