Thursday, February 4, 2010


A few years ago we went to a Bees Baseball game with my brother, Casey. As we were leaving the stadium, free loaves of bread were being given out. Casey kept making sure that each of us had one, or two, three or more loaves each. We had more than enough. As we were getting into our different cars to leave, the dialogue went something like this,

Me: "Casey, you don't have any of the bread."
Casey: "Oh I don't really like it."
Me: "Then why did you get so much?"
Casey: "It was FREE"

Last night, Luke and Mike had a late night at a John Deere Vendor Night. I was asleep when they got home, but as Mike kissed me goodbye this morning he whispered,

"Don't get mad at Luke. It's funny."

I, in my just woken up state didn't have any idea what he was talking about. But a little while later I came downstairs and there spread around the perimeter of my kitchen table were...

Hats, and some more hats, and some mint dispensers, and some more mint dispensers, and some ice melt samples, and some more ice melt samples, and some pamphlets (with horses and tractors on them), and some more pamphlets, and some key chains. And, a pretty nice tool set, (That he eyed long enough that the Sprint Reps eventually asked if he would like it.) Of course he replied, yes.

So, I've come to two conclusions today:

# 1 I'm not sure if there is a specific gene that causes "It's-free-so-let's-get-it-whether-we-need-it-or- not." But my guess would be there is. Because somehow in the vast gene pool, Luke also got the trait.

#2 I must not be so predictable and uptight, that my husband has to warn me not to come unglued when my son has filled my kitchen table with... 'stuff.'

Even if it was free...


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