Monday, February 22, 2010

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do Or Do Without?!?

(It was worth EVERY penny I spent for this slice of cake...)

Recently, my friend asked me how much (liquid) detergent I use for my laundry. When we discussed it with each other, we were surprised to realize we use very different amounts. In discussions with different friends at different times I realize how differently we all use, wash, clean or buy items. And so, I have pondered a few things lately.

There are times when I am considered wasteful:

For example,
  • I wouldn't use anything even a day past it's expiration date.
  • I throw away leftovers if they have been in my fridge for more than 48 hours.
  • You will never see me, my children or my husband with a hole in our socks (and no, I don't darn them...)
  • If I am putting leftovers in a container and the container isn't quite big enough, instead of getting a bigger container out, I throw away what doesn't fit.
There are times I am considered frivolous:
For example,
  • I only buy name brand paper towels.
  • I have ____ (choosing not to disclose the exact number) pair of shoes.
  • I always have to have orange juice in my fridge, and I will only buy it ready made, never the frozen concentrate.
There are times I am considered cheap, (though I prefer to use the term 'wise'):
For example,
  • A lot of items I buy are store brand. In fact the other day we opened our fridge and everything screamed 'Great Value.' (Butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc.)
  • We only take the kids to sit-down restaurants if they have a free meal from school or a kids eat free night. (And even then it is not very often!)
  • I love to look at clearance racks and am not ashamed to find a good bargain.
This brings me to a few questions I have had recently, and what better way to see if I am wasteful, frivolous or cheap, than to ask you, my dear friends, how we all compare.

Question 1:
If you are using liquid detergent how full do you fill the little plastic cup?
Approximately a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full?

Question 2:
Do you have a budget? Do you stick to it?

Question 3:
How many times will you use your shower towel before washing it?

Question 4:
If you find a new recipe, but the ingredients are too expensive, would you buy them regardless, or wait to try the recipe?

Question 5:
How many pair of shoes are too many?

And last but not least,
Question 6:
What item could you NEVER live without, no matter the cost?

Want to know my answers?
Tell me yours first.


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