Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Players

I spent many an afternoon or evening at Granny's house, as a child playing Scrabble with her. I also on occasion played it with my brother, Matt, but he and I usually favored Monopoly.

In November 1998, Mike and I went to our friend's house for dinner. After dinner, they got out Scrabble and the four of us played. The next day, Mike and I went and bought our first Scrabble game. The next Christmas, December of 1999, I bought Mike the 'Deluxe Scrabble' edition. We played it that Christmas Eve, and ever since it has been a favorite past-time of ours.

And I'm not afraid to admit, one of our Scrabble traditions. (Though, Mike's brother/sister-in-law used to make fun of us for it.) We keep a 'Scrabble log.' That's right, we keep the dates, scores, high scores, 7-letter words, and miscellaneous notes for each Scrabble game. The winter Mike was home full-time, he even made a spreadsheet boasting the average scores, most wins (ME! I MIGHT ADD), etc. etc.

We haven't updated the spreadsheet in almost 3 years, but we do have the information available to do so.
Saturday afternoon, while we were sitting playing, I realized Scrabble is such a part of our lives, we better document it. The little boys were napping, Luke and Ellie were at a birthday party and Megan thrilled to have been invited into our midst to take our photo, took about 5 minutes to take the photo. (explanation for why I look slightly irritated...)

And, just for the record.
I won the game.
The score was 396 for me and 233 for Mike. I also had the highest individual word score of 78 (using all 7 of my letters!)

(Side note, our highest record game score is 426 points. (It was mine!)

And I quote from our Scrabble Crossword Game, Gameplay Guide:
"In a 2-player game, a good player scores in the 300-400 point range."

We're good.
Wanna play?


Alex said...

Thats awesome! I like to play speed scrabble goes it goes quick and you have to think fast. I think its way fun. We'll have to teach you sometime. -Danelle

Aimee said...

This is awesome, and hilarious! When Ryan and I were dating, he was on a serious Scrabble kick, even memorizing bingos. I started playing a lot with him, to try to prove my skills.
We tend to get on different game streaks...scrabble, canasta, blokus, the list goes on.
If you enjoy sharing the board, we should totally have a game night.
We've also been known to keep score tabs.

Bret Bushman Family said... guys don't mess around that is some serious stuff:) you guys are to funny:)

Lesley said...

I remember playing scrabble with you and Mike at the ward campout once. We hadn't known each other very long at that point, and I remember you saying that your family doesn't watch much TV and that you and Mike love playing games. I'm impressed that you would rather play games than watch TV. That is a good thing :-)

Scarlet said...

I love word games, Mark hates them. Nuff said.

JACK's house said... have got WAY to much of a competative edge girl....i wouldn't want to go away not liking you :)

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