Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Players

I spent many an afternoon or evening at Granny's house, as a child playing Scrabble with her. I also on occasion played it with my brother, Matt, but he and I usually favored Monopoly.

In November 1998, Mike and I went to our friend's house for dinner. After dinner, they got out Scrabble and the four of us played. The next day, Mike and I went and bought our first Scrabble game. The next Christmas, December of 1999, I bought Mike the 'Deluxe Scrabble' edition. We played it that Christmas Eve, and ever since it has been a favorite past-time of ours.

And I'm not afraid to admit, one of our Scrabble traditions. (Though, Mike's brother/sister-in-law used to make fun of us for it.) We keep a 'Scrabble log.' That's right, we keep the dates, scores, high scores, 7-letter words, and miscellaneous notes for each Scrabble game. The winter Mike was home full-time, he even made a spreadsheet boasting the average scores, most wins (ME! I MIGHT ADD), etc. etc.

We haven't updated the spreadsheet in almost 3 years, but we do have the information available to do so.
Saturday afternoon, while we were sitting playing, I realized Scrabble is such a part of our lives, we better document it. The little boys were napping, Luke and Ellie were at a birthday party and Megan thrilled to have been invited into our midst to take our photo, took about 5 minutes to take the photo. (explanation for why I look slightly irritated...)

And, just for the record.
I won the game.
The score was 396 for me and 233 for Mike. I also had the highest individual word score of 78 (using all 7 of my letters!)

(Side note, our highest record game score is 426 points. (It was mine!)

And I quote from our Scrabble Crossword Game, Gameplay Guide:
"In a 2-player game, a good player scores in the 300-400 point range."

We're good.
Wanna play?


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