Friday, April 8, 2011

Around Here

It has been kind of a long week around here. It isn't that it's Spring Break from school and the weather has been cold, rainy and snowy.  It isn't even because I've been kind of feeling blue about a few things.

I think it is because of the anticipation of Joshua's birthday on Sunday.  All day every day I hear, "How many more days until my birthday?"  To a three-almost-four year old, four, five and six days are a lllooonnnggg time.

Now we're getting close. Today when Joshua woke up, we could finally say, 'TOMORROW is your party.'  And then of course tomorrow morning we'll finally be able to say, 'TOMORROW is your birthday.'

Somewhere along the line he did get confused though, when he heard this morning 'Tomorrow is your party', he sadly said, "I thought when we wake up on our birthdays there are presents and balloons."  Sunday, Joshua, Sunday.

Back to Spring Break.  I'm not one of those moms that fills our days off from school with field trips and planned activities.  We still have jobs, chores and consequences around here.  And when one child faced a possible stay-home-from-the-planned-movie-theater-trip consequence, I couldn't help but wonder aloud to Mike how other mother's are able to do so many planned field trips amidst jobs, consequences and responsibility. Again, it was a lesson to me in either persevering in my efforts, or relaxing more....

We did enjoy the one warmish day with an outing to Temple Square.  We try to go two or three times a year, and of course have been waiting for Mike to be able to recover enough to walk around.  It was actually a fairly quick trip.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the Main Street plaza, playing at the Church History Museum children's exhibit, enjoying the unique beauty of the Temple Square gardens, and perhaps the most anticipated of all:  riding the Trax train.   (Why oh why are there so many interesting characters on those trains that my children feel the need to stare at?)

We spent a day at my BFF's house doing not really anything.  We ate lunch, the kids played, I sat at Melanie's i-tunes deciding what songs to pirate, and Melanie baked a delicious treat for dessert. One of the kids pulled out a scrapbook from 2003-4 that we all looked at.  Upon returning home, I spent the evening feeling melancholy about how quickly time really does pass us by.

I enjoyed a dinner out with two good friends.  We covered an array of topics during our meal that produced both laughter and heart-felt tears.  I love those types of conversations.  I love dear friends.

We've had late nights with neighbor friends, complete with make-up, chunks of glitter on scalps, pretend classroom set-ups, papers galore, movies, and brownies mushed into the floor.

Luke got a pretty good hole in his pants and good scrape on his knee as a result of a brave exit from a fast moving skateboard down a hill.  Fortunately his pants are from a local store with a 'Kid Tough Promise' and are easily replaceable.  His knee is a different story unfortunately.  We have used a lot of Neosporin and Bandaids to try and heal the scrape.  It is constantly weeping, and Luke seems to not see anything wrong with leaving soaked through Bandaids and gauzes lying around the house.

We've had sleep-overs on the family room floor and I don't think we've had a night yet where all five children slept in their proper beds.

Mike and I attended the temple and even though the guy in front of Mike made me CRAZY, (I know, I know, I was at the temple, but alas you think I'm perfect, I'm not.  People bug me.  Even at the temple!)  I enjoyed the peace, encouragement and perspective that only being in the temple can bring.  We came home from the temple to the aftermath of World War III, but such is the risk when leaving five kids under the supervision of the twelve year old big sister in the middle of a day.

I allowed Megan, Luke and Ellie to go to the local movie theater alone.  Perhaps that is a questionable parenting choice to some, but I felt like sending them together, armed with a cell phone and strict instructions to stay together as a threesome was worth a try.  It went off without a hitch.  Although they were all sorely disappointed that they hadn't gone with the larger size popcorn!

As you can see, I chose for the most part to keep my camera put away.  I've tried to soak in these moments that I know are so fleeting.  Sure I may forget the visual of Megan and Ellie donning Mexican costumes to dance, or Luke lifting a replica of the Gold Plates, or Joshua and Drew fishing from Nephi's ship at the Book of Mormon Exhibit at Temple Square.  But, that is okay.  Sometimes, you just have to live in the moment.

I did however, have to pull the camera out when all five of my children decided one morning to get out the Karoke machine to sing and dance to Justin Bieber music.  Drew's excitement and enthusiasm to be singing into a microphone never wavered, whether he was copying the sounds of 'Never Say Never' or reverting to his old favorite, 'I Love To See The Temple.'

It's been quite the week around here. Full of opposites, good, bad, happy, sad.  Now if the weekend can just hurry up and get here, Joshua's birthday could quite possibly be the perfect end to it.


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