Monday, April 11, 2011

An Unusual Prayer

One evening last week, Mike and I sat at the kitchen table playing a game of Scrabble while our children played, fought, argued, practiced, colored, cried, etc. around us.  It was quite noisy and chaotic, but at the same time, it was a very typical, quiet evening at home.

Mike and I had just gone to a wedding reception a couple of nights before and referring to the bride and groom we had recently congratulated I asked Mike, "Do you think (they) have absolutely any idea what their life will be like in ten-fifteen-twenty years?"  I continued to analyze why when Mike and I were dating and engaged, we never discussed or projected exactly what our lives would be like with however many kids, and what we would be doing one day down the road on a 'quiet' Sunday evening.

As I looked around at the mayhem surrounding us, I told Mike that I would have never have come close to imagining things exactly as they are.  And Mike, in all his wisdom said, (referring to the newly wed couple), it's just as well they don't know exactly what life will bring them, otherwise we may not make the right choices.

Wise words.  For the most part, it's probably good that we don't have that cliche crystal ball we've all expressed desire for at sometime in our lives.

And with all that being said, it made me think of all the things we never thought we'd ever have to say or do as parents.

Like for example, when I used to have to explain to Luke as a pre-schooler that we don't store boogers on our foreheads.  (true story--he used to pick his nose and then put them there!) or what I have been praying for, for the past few weeks.

A loose tooth.

Ellie's first grade year is quickly winding down.  I think there are only about 37 days left of the school year.  Ellie's first grade teacher has been known for years as the "Tooth Fairy Teacher".  She makes a big to-do about lost teeth.  She has a little box they can put them in, a little club they become a member of, you know all those exciting things to do when you loose your first few teeth.

Only problem is. There's only one child who is not a member of the theoretical Lost Tooth Club.
And it is my daughter!

The one who is one of the top students in the class.
Is a fabulous reader.
Has never missed a word on a spelling test.
Always gets compliments on her behavior.
Turns in every homework assignment on time.

But can't quite make it into the most important part of first grade.
"The Lost Tooth Club."

I would never, ever, ever have guessed that would be one of my prayers as a mother.
For my daughter to quickly, and timely,


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