Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy, Happy Day!

In no particular order---here are the highlights of Joshua's 4th birthday!

-His absolute confusion about having a 'friend party' on Saturday but not his real birthday until Sunday.

-His first 'friend party'! Which coincidentally happens to take the record as the QUIETEST birthday party I've ever attended. Despite the fact there were eight three and four year old little boys, they hardly made a peep or cracked a smile. And no, it isn't because I don't 'do' fun parties. I DO! I think it's because for nearly all of them, it was their first time attending a friend's birthday party.  (Yes, I got a slight complex that maybe they weren't having a good time, but such is life!)

-Giving his first talk in Primary, and looking like he was going to cry when he was sung the birthday song to in Primary!

-Joshua's request for waffles for breakfast and pancakes for dinner!  (He got tortillas for dinner instead!)

-Asking if there were more presents?

-Luke's gift of a homemade saddle!

-His face when he opened up the 'soft Woody' that he has suggested to me for months can probably be found at the 'toy inception at Walmite'. (I must get a recording of him saying that phrase!)

-When given the three choices (Oranges & Lemons, Pass the Parcel or Woody Round-Up) of what game to play first during his Sunday party with just us, Nana and Grandpa, he chose a game not on the list--'Hide and Seek'. How could we not oblige him, he is the Birthday Boy after all!
(Joshua had the best hiding place--next to the tv! See him in there?)

-His face when Grandpa won the prize at the bottom of the Pass The Parcel game! Nice Grandpa, told Joshua, "How about I forget to take it home when I leave?"

-Joshua's expression and comment when he saw his cake that I agonized over for days and then just kind of did whatever with.  "I kind of like it," he said.

-Megan's kindness and enthusiasm to make the cupcakes for his real birthday on Sunday, while I was gone to a church meeting.

(the hat didn't stay on for the duration of the blows!)

-Joshua begging to be allowed into my closet last night to help with balloons.  (The hanging balloon tradition I mentioned here.)

-Joshua's insistence that it feels different being four.

And maybe it does.  I don't really remember.  It's been quite a while since I was four.  All I know is that I love four year olds. I love the things they say and the things they do.  (For the most part!)

Happy 4th Birthday Joshua!


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