Friday, April 29, 2011

For Better or For Worse

(I warned you I couldn't stay quiet for long!-But what else am I going to do at 4 something AM!?)

Dear Prince William and (Should be Princess) Kate:

What a HAPPY, HAPPY day--and it is only 4:24am!!
I've spent the last hour or so, smiling as I watch the events of your blessed wedding.

Oh what a grand occasion.

I kept thinking about the scrapbook that lies carefully in my cedar chest at the foot of my bed--that my dear Auntie Sheila gave me back in 1981.  It was my role as a proper little English school girl to vigilantly keep newspaper clippings, postcards, and even a Buckingham Palace stamped letter from your dear mother, Princess Di herself.  I have a commemorative spoon and a beloved make-up bag marking the special July 1981 day.

Fast forward thirty years!
It is your wedding day!!  I can remember excitedly watching the television screen as your mother presented you to the country (and world!) outside the hospital doors, almost twenty nine years ago.  And now you are getting married!

I don't have a scrapbook, I have no newspaper clippings, I have no commemorative spoon.  And I certainly have no make-up bag  to remember the occasion.  But, I did dutifully awaken (before my alarm even!) and with a huge smile on my face (and I admit a few tears in my eyes) am watching your special, special day.  Although I am sorely disappointed that you couldn't overcome protocol briefly and 'Kiss The Bride' at the traditional time.

I loved your little brother's sneak peek at the bride, I loved your determined and traditional not seeing the bride until she was by your side, I loved the simple vows, and I loved your nervous smiles.  I loved the presence of love in your eyes.  And, I loved the thought I had, that of course your mother was there in spirit.

What beauty, grandness and patriotism present on this historic day.  And whether or not the bizarre regulations of royalty grant Kate the official role of 'Princess' or not, she's pretty darn close to one.

What a delightful morning!

My heartfelt congratulations and best wishes go out to you.  It seemed like the perfect occasion and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  I briefly question the craziness of waking up at such an hour, but really, how could I not have?  It is my continued duty of a once-proper-English-school-girl.

I must also take this moment to send my sincere apologies for my husbands rudeness for such a grand occasion.  My dear husband lay in bed next to me throughout the whole event, with snores sometimes overcoming the sounds of the royal music.  I am so sorry.  He doesn't understand one bit the grandness of the occasion.

And now as the sounds of 'God Save The Queen' ring out through my television, I must end this letter to sing along.  (On the bright side, my singing should cease the snoring.)

Congratulations Your Royal Highnesses!  I'll look forward to the 'Kiss The Bride' scene on the balcony in just a little bit.

Best wishes and much love,
A Former English School Girl


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