Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Having been gone from home for a week and missing my young children and Mike desperately, I was very excited to return home.  Our plane sat on the runway at Washington National Airport last night for two hours before we took off, which of course made our arrival into Utah much later than planned.  Combine that delay with a very turbulent flight, a nervous traveler, severe nausea and the constant pondering of how quickly I could possibly be meeting my Maker, I was thrilled to see Mike standing grinning, just outside the security checkpoint when we came around the corner.   I was sad my children were at home asleep in bed.

This morning started about 6:37am, with all of our children congregating on our bed.  I felt like I needed extra arms to hold and hug the three kids who didn't want to leave my side.  Thank goodness Megan and Luke had seen enough of me this last week, or the arm shortage would have been much more urgent.

This morning in the morning chaos to get kids dressed, fed, and out the door.  I paused as I listened to the familiar sounds of Luke practicing the piano, I had more patience than usual during the morning routine of "I need more juice" or "I want another piece of toast" or "Where is my..."  Amidst all of the hussle and bussle of this morning's typical before-school-day, I was reminded of one of my favorite books and certainly my very favorite 'You Tube Video' based off of the book, 'The Gift of an Ordinary Day.' (The video is a MUST see!)

Yesterday at this time I was on a private tour of the Senate Office and White House, today I am back to my ordinary life.  I have spent the last few days visiting some of the most historical and important places in American History, today I am trying to go through all the emails I put in my 'Action' folder this past week, I'm trying to get all the laundry done, I want to upload and sort through my photos, my phone keeps ringing with people who now know I'm home, yet I'm still trying to find time for reading Chick-A-Chick-A-Boom-Boom type books, child holding and extra hugs.

The sights, sounds, lifestyles and surroundings of the last week seem quite magical compared to my ordinary life, but the repeated thought going through my mind all morning has been, "This is an ordinary day.  This is my ordinary life."  And guess what?  I wouldn't trade it.  (At least not right now, I may in a few more days...)

Even with my toddler's (new in the last week) independence to do everything himself (including removing wet/soiled diapers), and Joshua crying because his towel fell off of his wet naked body, and then a sandwich being deemed inedible because it was cut into fourths instead of being left whole, and toys being thrown out of the open family room window, the events have solidified the beautiful theory of 'ordinary days.'

As I began typing, Joshua was holding a 'bouquet' of suckers he received from the Easter Bunny.  While Drew naps, I told Joshua he was to have quiet time for one hour.  He is currently on sucker number three, I'm attempting to turn a blind eye, after all sucker eating is a quiet activity.

Quiet time is officially over according to the four year old--as all of the suckers have been consumed.

Welcome home.
Back to the ordinary I go.


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