Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In no particular order, here are some random thoughts and impressions of my trip.

#1  Bless Luke's heart, he has taken in a lot of museums, memorials, monuments and history!  For the most part, his attitude has been great.  But for him, forget history, just give him the grounds of the Washington DC temple to explore, the animals at Mount Vernon, or some climbing rocks of the beaten path at Gettysburg.    All of which (bridges, muddy swamps, rocks and animals) he can find just a few miles from home!

#2  My mother-in-law has visited Washington DC many, many times.  She has also lived here for a few years throughout her life.  However, not a drive goes by that she doesn't pull out her camera and continue to capture the beauty of the city around her.  It is perhaps one of her top favorite places in the world, and though she probably has albums full of DC pictures from years past, she appreciates each sight and moment as if it is her first time.  It really is very inspirational to see her love of the history, beauty and culture around her.

#3  What a brilliant idea to have a personal chauffeur.  Steve has seen this city just as much as Laurie, and drops us off at entrances and then circles the blocks, takes a nap, or parks and comes to find us.  Even though I'm really not much of a traveler and I don't foresee too many trips in my near future, I may still have to look into a personal driver for my day-to-day errands.  How perfect would that be to never have to walk into Walmart in the rain, or return a cart to a cart return at Costco, or carry toddlers from parking lots to buildings.    A personal driver!  I could get quite used to that idea.

#4  I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but after spending a week in these luscious green surroundings, the barrenness of the Utah desert is seeming less and less appealing to return home to.

#5  I am more than anxious to see my three youngest children and my dear husband.  I have never been away from any of my kids for more than three days, and I miss them and Mike something terrible.  I will need a reminder of how much I miss them right now next week, when rest assured, they will all return to their proper roles of making me CRAZY.

#6  So, as you read this I will be returning home to Utah across the friendly skies.  Wish me luck!


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