Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Resting

I need to get back to real life, and though I have plenty of things mulling about in my head, I have other more urgent things to get to.  And not because I think anyone is still interested in our trip, but for a permanent family record, I'm going to post the rest of our trip pictures for the next few days.

I'll be back before too long--after all, I always lost the game "Who can be quietest the longest" when I was younger.  I would still lose at it today...

DC Trip-Sunday, April 24th:

Of course our Easter Sunday did not start out with our typical Easter traditions, and that's okay.  We attended the Chevy Chase Singles Ward that Laurie & Steve regularly attend as part of their missionary duties.  The seven of us, in our family clan, sang a musical number in Sacrament Meeting.  Of course, Luke was not excited about this, but I was proud of both of my kids' efforts.  For Luke, the singing was made up for by the fact, we only had to attend the Sacrament Meeting portion of church as obviously there was no Primary (children's class).

Arlington National Cemetary-Luke should know every detail there is to know about this national site, if you consider the 5,671 questions he was asking either Grandpa Steve or me.  But considering I was the one answering the majority of the questions... well it's no surprise he didn't come away too well educated.

Iwo Jima Memorial-Apparently there is a rumor that there are thirteen hands on the memorial.  Although six men would accurately produce twelve hands not thirteen, it is not unrealistic to consider that the thirteenth hand could well have been the hand of God.  Grandpa said that he has tried his best to count thirteen hands, but in all the times he has visited the memorial, he has never been able to count thirteen.  Of course Luke upon hearing this 'legend', proceeded to count the hands.  After his third try in less than five minutes, Luke is convinced he counted thirteen hands.  (FYI-according to Snopes, there are only twelve hands on the memorial.)

The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial was very touching.  It was quite simple yet full of symbolism and meaning.  Each victim from both the building and the plane have a symbolic memorial marked by the year of their birth.  Megan was touched by the memorial of the young child born in 1998--the same year she was, that was a passenger in that fateful flight.

The beautiful Washington DC temple.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed the history and richness of the country these past few days, I felt 'at home' as my kids played amidst the temple visitor center exhibits full of familiar scripture stories and scenes depicting our knowledge and beliefs.  We are truly blessed, in more ways than one!


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