Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy Days

Each spring and fall, the LDS church holds a General Conference.  For Mike and me, it means four hours of television watching on Saturday, and four hours watching on Sunday.  (And a deep-set in tradition trip for Mike to a two hour Priesthood session on Saturday night.)  I love the chance to relax, and alternate laying on the bed, or on the couch to listen to words we believe come from God through modern-day prophets.  It is a break from our normal , weekly church routine.  It was quite nice to have a week off from my current church job of asserting control and order, yet attempting to teach and guide 65+ kids each Sunday.  As my friend said to me on Saturday, "Enjoy the week off from nose-pickers and public un-dressers."  (She may have read and remembered this post here.)

Mike and I don't require our children to sit and listen to all the sessions of conference.  We attempt to reign them in for the very beginning, the very end, and anytime in between we deem important enough to have our own peaceful viewing interrupted.  (sustainings, prophet speaking, etc.)  

Except for, who am I kidding?  They interrupted our peaceful viewing every single talk during every single session until Sunday afternoon, when Mike and I finally decided to lock ourselves in our bedroom and watch conference sans interruption.  (Lest you think it was all about peaceful, spiritual moments of reflection for Mike and me, it wasn't!  Eventually we had tattle-tellers, toddlers, whiners, and too loud singers join us.)

It was a lazy conference weekend filled with pajama wearing and such things as:

Coloring conference papers, five thousand kids and six thousand balls on the trampoline at the same time, horse-rides and roping, enjoying glorious 70 degree weather.

More coloring, Hot Wheels, villages made of brown paper bags, homemade forts, nap-time in aforementioned homemade fort.

Homemade sweet rolls.  Yummmmm

I loved every minute of our lazy conference weekend.  (Okay, well not really the minutes spent yelling-"Be quiet."  or  "Shhh! We're trying to listen."

But I think my top four favorite things of the whole weekend were:

1.Obviously, our children were aware the weekend was General Conference.  But it came as an absolute shock and we didn't know whether to laugh or cry when at 10:01am Saturday morning, Joshua came downstairs and took his seat on the couch.  With no mention of any appropriate attire required, the rest of us sat in our pajamas, exercise clothes and other such Saturday attire, except for Joshua.  He had put on his church clothes to watch conference.

2.  When telling the children to be quiet (for the umpteenth time) to listen to the prophet speak, Drew upon hearing the word 'prophet' would sing loudly his "Da-da-da-da" word-version to the exact tune of 'We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet.'  It was endearing and frustrating all at the same time.

3.  I loved President Holland's absolute nail-on-the-head description of my children during Family Home Evening, or scripture time, or any other worthy cause.  'Bedlamites'   I loved his counsel to, "Keep holding Family Home Evening, in spite of the Bedlam that sometimes reigns in a  houseful of  Little Bedlamites."
4.  And my favorite, was the talk right here.  I'm pretty sure it was written specifically for me.


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