Monday, April 18, 2011

A Riddled Life

You know those riddle type things--
Why do we park on a driveway but drive on a parkway?
Why is it called rush hour when your car barely moves?
You know the ones.

I've had a few ponderings and reality checks lately that made me wonder if my own life is a riddle!

I make an effort each day to exercise, sometimes early in the dark, yet most mornings I've had a piece of chocolate or a sugar treat by 10am!

I make most of the things I cook 'from scratch', however, I have yet to make a box of jello without it 'not quite working.'

I often catch myself saying through clenched teeth and an unkind tone, "You need to speak nicely to each other."

There is currently what I call a science project going on in my shower, but watch out if a bed isn't made.

Why was it when I taught the Old Testament (including Isaiah!) to a group of adults last year, I left every lesson feeling pretty competent about the discussion and my efforts.   But, in the last five months, I have yet to come away from a Primary Sharing time teaching 3-11 year olds(!!) that I feel as though I did even a remotely decent job.  (Doesn't help that yesterday my object lesson FLOPPED...)

Telling lies around here has a zero tolerance policy and is not accepted, yet when Joshua asked me the other day, "Do you think when we aren't at our house, my Woody, Buzz and Jesse talk to each other?"  I answered, "You know what? Maybe they do!"

Hmmm-such are the perplexities and riddles of my life.
Surely, I'm not the only one whose life is resembling a riddle.


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