Friday, April 22, 2011

Moving East

I sent Mike a text today saying, "I think we should move to the east coast."  Although he replied that he'd start packing, I'm not quite sure it will all pan out.

This is a beautiful, beautiful part of the country.  Especially with flower beds full of tulips and trees in bright blossom and bloom.  As I wandered around Mount Vernon (George Washington's home) I couldn't help but ponder again the concern that God made a mistake not having me born in a different time.  Even Megan, with her love of fashion, style and pop-culture lamented, "I would have loved to live in this property in that time period."

I had to tear Luke away from the Blacksmith and outdoor stables to take a tour of Washington's actual home.  He would much rather have sat and watched the Blacksmith make an axe, but his grandmother had other plans for him.  The grounds of Mount Vernon are spectacular.  The Potomac River, the trees, the buildings, the quaintness of it all is simply beautiful.  My favorite place to visit today.

Mount Vernon also provided a great laugh at my expense.  As I walked in to use the restroom, I noticed four urinals lined up against the wall.  In that first split second, I thought it odd.  In the second half of that same second, I made a quick dart for the door.  I opened the door just as Megan glanced my way.  Sheer horror was on her face when she saw I was exiting the men's bathroom.  In my defense, the signs were not as clear as I think they could have been.

I felt patriotism and pride to be a part of this great country as we toured Ford's theater and watched a short play about Lincoln's assassination.  Although the kids grimaced with dismay when I told them that I would like them to both completely memorize the Gettysburg Address when we return to Utah.  Luke was most impressed with the 'tiny' gun Lincoln was shot with.

I enjoyed a quick jog over the bridge to Georgetown this morning, and then stopped at Trader Joes for a gallon of milk.  How fun to live in a city such as this.

We finally made it over to the Barlow Center (LDS church owned building for BYU interns) where Laurie & Steve serve as missionaries.  I think Luke was relieved to see Grandma and Grandpa's offices and finally grasp the concept that they really are missionaries.  That Steve does more than chauffeur us around DC, and Laurie does more than answer all of our history questions and snap pictures of her family tourists.

With Laurie's endless stream of knowledge, came the knowledge to visit the little-known attraction of the NY Ave Presbyterian church where Abraham Lincoln attended church.  I loved it.  I love the history that is here.  (And I don't even usually like history!)  And on that note, I am absolutely amazed with Laurie's endless stream of knowledge regarding history, art and geography.  Amazing.  I spend my time listening carefully to all she says, and then carefully executing an escape before I am asked anything important.  Megan is good to have around.  Megan has somehow been blessed with more of Mike's brain than mine.

Luke on the other hand...
Well, let's put it this way:

We spent almost three hours at Mount Vernon today.  GEORGE WASHINGTON'S home. Pictures, movies, and exhibits surrounded us the entire time.  As we exited the building at the end of our time there, the famous picture of George Washington kneeling in prayer greeted us at the top of the stairs.  Luke eagerly pointed it out, recognizing it from one we have at home, and one that hangs here in Laurie & Steve's apartment.  "Oh yeah. I see it."  I responded to Luke.  To which he replied,
"Who is that anyways?"

At least nobody but me heard.

And now it is bedtime and I don't think I'm the only one that is tired and ornery...
Happy travels!


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