Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old History and New

History was certainly remembered, reviewed and made today. . .

First of all, I must mention I have become quite the traveler!  Six states (well if you count Washington DC and I know that is NOT a state!)  Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and my kind in-laws drove over the bridge to New Jersey just for my sake!  It was a toll bridge no less.  What nice people.  (The in-laws, not the New Jersians.  Not that I have anything about the New Jersey, people, I just didn't interact with any, so I can't correctly assess whether they are nice or not!)

It was very touching to go to Fort McHenry--the place where Frances Scott Key penned The Star Spangled Banner'.  We watched a re-enactment movie of the events of that day/night, and as the movie ended, the Star Spangled Banner played, the screen rose up and out the window we saw the flag flying over Fort McHenry.  It was very touching, and I was moved to tears.  I hesitated slightly about stopping and taking a picture of my children during such a respectful event, but figured if the non-respecting citizens (appalling!) were staying seated, I could certainly snap a quick picture of my kids (from behind) watching the flag with their hands over their hearts.
What great fun to ride in a carriage around the historic district of Philadelphia.  As the carriage driver pointed out the Philadelphia Bible House as being the first place in America that the Bible was printed in english, I was reminded of the time period of George Washington, and the parallel events going on a few states away to bring about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Certainly no coincidence!
And perhaps, one of the most important places in all of American history... Independence Hall, where the declaration of Independence was signed.  And of course, the historic and symbolic Liberty Bell.  I'll tell you, like I told Luke 4,289 times, I DON'T KNOW HOW THE CRACK GOT THERE.

Valley Forge is a beautiful, beautiful place.  But after hours in the car, bickering children, cold weather, hungry people and a little car-sickness, it didn't quite have the effect it surely could have had under other circumstances.

We've stopped the night at a hotel in Valley Forge, PA.  Laurie, Steve, Kristin and Emily are in one room.  My kids and I are in another... So, if you're still with me at this point in the post, you'll learn of the event that is sure to become a treasured memory in our own personal family history.  BUT, this is a very public forum, and I must protect the guilty, so...

Suffice it to say:
a hotel room
a visit to the bathroom
an inch of water all over the bathroom floor
a clogged toilet
the delivery of a non-high quality toilet plunger and extra towels (that one day a guest will use to dry their body with!!!!!!!!  I don't care how much bleach the hotel staff will use, if I ever visit this hotel again, I will NOT use a towel)
the guilty culprit sent to summon grandpa
grandpa and the guilty culprit returning to room: grandpa with a big smile, making a joke, the guilty child with their head hung low
me glaring at the joking grandpa
grandpa attempting to plunge toilet
grandpa making an SOS call to front desk and requesting a room change
me letting grandpa know that if any charge shows on his credit card, to bill mike, and mike will consequently bill the guilty culprit
a new room
the promise that one day (probably as soon as tomorrow) I will be able to laugh at the last couple of hours of my life.
Enough Said!

Happy Travels.


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