Thursday, June 23, 2011

As The Days Go By

The days of Summer are speeding by a little more quickly than I would like...
With the exception of Ellie's swimming lessons, we have no scheduled classes or commitments.  That's the way I like it. I've received plenty of emails, flyers, and invitations for my kids to be a part of some organized group, but I hit delete, or take them straight to the trash.  I love the do what we want, when we want kind of summer days.
And they include such things as:

A play date with a cousin.  (I'm sure eight month old Cousin Lucy would not have been quite so cranky during her visit, had her two year old cousin not been within inches of her throughout her stay.)

And may I add--even with the cell-phone quality photo, you can still see Drew's popsicle stained leg and black foot.  He eventually did come clean after a tub, but not before he wandered the house with his filth and stickiness.  Somethings you just gotta let go...
After cursing my LANDSCAPER husband, calling my LANDSCAPER husband, and texting my LANDSCAPER husband about the whereabouts of MY hose.  We found it in the place it is kept, except after getting it all hooked up to both the slip-n-slide and the faucet, we discovered it had a big hole in it.  So after all the communication attempts to locate the hose and then Luke's duct tape attempts to fix the hose, we borrowed the neighbor's hose (and water!).  However, it was all pretty much a waste of time as fifteen minutes into the water fun, the children decided they had been nice enough to each other for long enough, and mom shut down the whole thing.
Don't you love field trips with friends, and you somehow end up with a documented picture of them and not your own kids?  All because Luke decided to blink, Ellie decided to be funny and hide behind the stroller, Joshua attempted to follow the poor example of his sister, and Drew felt the need to turn around to see for himself, why in the world mom was yelling threats at his siblings.
Mike and I are considering purchasing some stock in Bandaid.  Bare legs, scooters, bikes, and running around result in the never-ending need for bandaids.  Somehow, as soon as the bandaid is in place, the 'ow-ow-ow' part is gone.  Take for example the 'owie' in this picture on the knee to the left of her bent fingers, oh wait, you can't see it?  Exactly why I was slightly frustrated at the drama-filled words whined by the seven-year-old, 'I can't handle this, the bleeding won't stop.'
I've been less than pleasant when Joshua insists on wearing long sleeve and long pants nearly, every single day.  While we've been lucky the temperatures have been below the normal average, it still makes me crazy.  Mike has attempted to tell me to take my own advice of "Somethings you've just gotta let go..."  But for some reason I can't. So for now I have a nice little hiding place in my laundry room for Joshua's long sleeve shirts.  The long pants Wranglers only battle, is at this point; not quite worth the battle.  Although, along with our purchasing of Bandaid stock, I must tell Mike to look into Wrangler stock too.
Things were a little more peaceful around here with a couple of 'shall remain nameless' kids being separated from each other for a couple of days.   Luke, our hardest worker, second only to Mike, is well on his way to his financial summer goal, helped by a couple of days spent working with Dad.  I love that Mike is so great at teaching our kids all about money, saving, spending, working hard, etc.  But I'm a little concerned about this time sheet, because as endearing as it is, it could quite possibly be in violation of child labor laws...

We've certainly missed Megan this week while at Girls Camp.  We miss lots of things about her, and I KNOW I thank her plenty for all she does around here, but oh boy, when she gets off that bus on Friday I'm going to make sure I spend plenty of time telling her exactly how much I've missed her help this week.  Remember one of my first sentences up above? Well I also love the variation of the sentence that goes, "Doing what I want, when I want."  And with my built-in babysitter gone for a week, it's kind of cramped my style a little... Especially on the day Luke was gone too, and I took Ellie, Joshua, and Drew to the store.
Big mistake!


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