Thursday, June 16, 2011

Passion and Inspiration

(Photos are all courtesy of Rebecca Walters)

Truly I would have to say, the highlight of last weekend was spending Saturday with these wonderful women at a Power of Moms Retreat.  It was a lot of work to pull off such a Retreat; everything from registering attendees, to planning the food, to printing name-tags, to helping plan the agenda, and yet still have time to pull together a couple of decent presentations of my own.  But as I look at this picture, and remember the faces of so many women I listened to, learned from, and enjoyed being with--it was ohhhhh so worth it.

I have been to four Power of Moms Retreats, a Power of Moms board meeting and numerous Power of Moms Learning Circles, and there is no place else I have ever been where there is absolutely NO judging, competition, caring about what you wear, where you live, how much money you make, etc. etc.  My new dear friend, Emilee, (that I met at the April Retreat) and I were commenting after about how so many women in one room, in most usual circumstances creates feelings of competition and inadequacy.  Not so here--want to know what we surmised?  That The Power of Moms truly pulls in the cream of the crop.  These women are absolutely amazing--with one thing in common--to be better mothers--to be deliberate mothers--and to gather together to learn from each other. It is truly a beautiful thing to be a part of.

There is still the odd minute when I feel as though I have to pinch myself to believe I am part of such a wonderful organization, and that me, Little Miss Tiffany Nobody, actually had the chance to be on the agenda with such wonderful women as Courtney Kendrick (from CJane), Linda Eyre, and of course The Power of Moms co-founders; April and Saren.

Women are invaluable to each other--we have so much strength to draw from one another--so much to learn and to give from each other.  I have received many nice emails, comments, and compliments regarding the day, but really, the one that sums up why I am involved with such an organization was this one, "Your passion for loving your family...was inspiring."  I do love my family; and it is because of my attempts to strengthen and improve my own little family that I do what I do.

Saturday night as Mike and I rounded up the children to put them to bed after a very long day, Megan said, "Mom, you just have the biggest smile on your face."  And I took a moment to explain to her what it means to surround oneself with such positive, wonderful, intentional, deliberate, women.

What a wonderful day.


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