Monday, June 20, 2011

Girls Camp Memories--Old and New

Last week Mike and Megan returned home from a meeting about Young Women's Girls Camp.  One of the first things I read on the instructions handout was, "I know our girls will make memories to last a lifetime."  Immediately, upon reading that line, I thought of my own fond memories of Girls Camp at Camp Piuta, and of course they included memories of old, dear friends; Jennifer, Michelle, Tiffany, Emily, Janae,and plenty of others.  I remember putting tent stakes together with band-aids, grafitti-ing the cabins/bathrooms (we didn't start this, I promise, it's just 'what one did!'), telling scary stories, and so on.  I don't think it was a coincidence that last Monday, the day after I read Megan's instruction paper, I ran into one of my favorite young women leaders; Pam.  And we reminisced about the very last night, of my last year at Girls Camp, when we were staying up late, laughing, giggling and having fun.  When somehow, a bunk ladder fell and hit Pam on the head.  And Jennifer and I had to roam the camp to go and find our Priesthood leader and then to the kitchen to get some ice.  Except there was no ice--instead we returned to the cabin with a (cold) pork chop and placed it on Pam's head.
Such fun, fun, memories.  And I also love that just yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit with some of these girls I have such fond memories with.  What a treat old friends and great memories are!!!
So when Joshua sat on the kitchen bar-stool the other day, having just been told how long Megan would be gone to camp, with a long face whined, "But I will miss her", I assured him she will be having so much fun, we should be happy she's there.

I love my memories of Girls Camp, both the ones as a youth and the couple I went to as a leader (I can't find any photos of me dancing as a lollipop!).  Even though I got all teary eyed as Megan's bus pulled out of the church parking lot, I am thrilled she is there.

And I can't wait for one day, twenty years down the road, her daughters making fun of her hair and her clothes in her girls camp pictures!

Have fun Megan!

(PS--I hope the Lord answers Ellie's tender prayer last night, "Bless Megan won't miss us too much and that she will be happy.)


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