Monday, June 13, 2011

A Blurry Cowboy

This weekend was chock-full of so many great events, that instead of doing a  long 'weekend' post, please oblige me while I spend the next few days focusing on one event at a time...

Back in December when I was looking at cameras I wanted to purchase, the man at the store said, "This one will be great for capturing moving targets at your kids' sports events."  I didn't feel the need to expound on the fact my kids aren't really the sports events type.  But, I did wish I had paid more attention to his advice AND read up more on the camera user manual before Luke's first Horse Reining Show on Friday night.  Luke was a moving target for his whole event and oh man what cruddy camera shots I got.

Surely a second place ribbon makes up for the fact Mom doesn't have great photos of the event.

A photographer I am not. A proud mother I am.


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