Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Last Hoorah

I can't decide what was the most exciting part of our elementary school Field Day on Wednesday.

  • Watching Megan, as a member of the Student Council, dutifully sit in the dunk tank. 

  • I wish you could see better the look of sheer excitement on Luke's face at the thought of being the first to dunk his sister.

    When Ellie's baseball throwing attempts didn't result in a dunked Megan, she just ran up to the 'button' and pushed it.

    • Somehow allowing my competitive streak to come out, and racing other mothers, students, and the principal in the 50 Yard dash. And oh boy am I feeling it today--but the satisfaction of a couple of good wins outweighs the pain.  (sort of)
    The glory of the win is taking precedence over the unflattering nature of the photo!!
    • Playing on the blow-up toy, laughing and bouncing down the slide with my kids and a few other PTA volunteers during the lunch break.
    And though the bouncy slides were a ton of fun, the photos of me--a thirty six year old bouncing down them are really not flattering enough to put on here... you get the idea, right?
    • The impromptu PTA vs 6th grade tug of war challenge.
    I might add that while I was totally fine with the 6th grade students beating us, what in the world was up with my competitive streak yesterday?!?

    And quite possibly, the tied for first-place highlights of the day were:
    • Speaking with a megaphone. Mike did not think I was serious last night when I showed him one on e-bay I really want for my birthday this fall. It could quite possibly eliminate the need for me to ever raise my voice again...
    • The fact that my stint as a two year PTA President is OVER!!!!!!!!!!  Hooray!!


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