Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bad Pictures: Reflections on Parenting

If you've noticed over the years, I make sure we have photos taken every Mother's Day and every Father's Day with either me or Mike and our children.  The photos we captured this Father's Day were no different than any of the others...not quite as perfect as I hoped for, but instead they are unique and capture our little family just perfectly.

After I expressed my frustrations at a certain child for not quite co-operating for the picture, I thought about how these pictures really represent our family, and more specifically mine and Mike's parenting...

No matter how hard we try, there's often one or two going against our efforts:
Sometimes, no matter what are instructions and preparations are, we are caught off guard and aren't quite ready:
And there will always be those times when things don't quite go the way we want them to, or some still choose not to co-operate, but we try (and try and try) again:
And sometimes, you just sit back and realize, though it isn't perfect, we're giving it a go--and what we get should still end up with some decent results:
And after the repeated efforts of trying and trying some more, you just can't help but smile in the end:
And though we never did end up with the perfect result,
In each one, there's some good.


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