Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Friends vs Family

I've told you once, I'll tell you again:

"One loyal friend is worth more than a thousand relatives." 

The last couple of years, I have learned some of the greatest lessons of love, support, consistency, and acceptance from all of my dear friends.  I count my friendships with others (not just those in these pictures) as some of my truest blessings in life.

There is something uniquely divine to a good friendship--my experience with friendships has been that friends know they have to keep up the relationships, so time together is greatly sought after.  My experience with family too often seems, that relationships are taken for granted and time together isn't as valued.  I could easily find more friends to make it a priority to spend hours together at the park just visiting, relaxing, and not wanting to leave, than family members on all sides.  Too often, families think relationships will last because of mere lineage rather than time.  It makes me sad, but such is life.

Back to Sunday... Though there are lots of smiles in the pictures above, it wasn't one of the more jovial times together.  And though thank heavens I don't think there were any tears (kids included--I think!), there were some pretty somber, serious conversations.  Life is heavy for each of us in our own ways, but what a change in pace to sit in a park, under blue skies and a bright sun, picnicking with friends, on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Getting that many schedules to jive is usually no small feat, but I think a greater power knew how soothing this time together could be and the first day and time suggested accommodated us all.

Sunday afternoon was a sun-shining, warm reminder that life is good.
It really is.
Even if it is sometimes hard.


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