Monday, June 6, 2011

From This to That

No more lllooonnnggg school programs that don't hold pre-schoolers interest.
(Yes, I  have no problem admitting that the only camera I took to a school program was my cell phone!)

No more 'parents needed' field trips:
(And we wonder why state test scores aren't as high as they could be!!??)

No more dragging undressed kids in the car to take children to school with over-sized items such as teacher gifts, report props, birthday treats, etc. that aren't easy to transport on the bus:

No more sixth grade graduations:
(If the students don't even want to be there, do you think the parents do?!?)

No more Megan at this school, that she has loved so much (well except not really this year!):

It's time for toddler stunt riding:

It's time for neighborhood out-door parties:

It's time for SUMMER!!!!!!


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