Friday, June 10, 2011

Goats, Kindness, and Crocheting

Oh man, this week has been one of those weeks that I've barely been keeping my head above water, but it is all worthwhile. You know, kind of like that 'be anxiously engaged in a good cause' thing. But there are a few things I've had mulling around my mind, so I'll get them out.

*The other evening while working in the back yard, I heard Luke call to me from the cul-de-sac. He was taking Hank The Goat on a walk. Complete with a leash and everything. My son was walking his pet goat. (Now that is one line I don't think I EVER would have dreamed I would type!!) It's become a daily occurance, although I made some very serious threats when Luke attempted to allow Hank into the house!!

*The other morning while running I passed a lady doing something I couldn't quite figure out, then when I passed her later on, I saw clearly what she was doing. Crocheting! The lady was crocheting while she was exercising. I wanted to stop her and ask her where the time in her life is that she can just do one thing at one time, shouldn't exercising be that time? But then I remembered that just a block back, I was texting three friends planning a friend picnic this weekend. Why oh why do women multi-task too much??

*I am having some really honest conversations lately with Megan. Why oh why are girls so unkind to each other. Poor Megan has been on the receiving end of some really brutal two-faced personalities this last school year. The sad thing? Having to tell her that some girls never grow out of it. We all (but especially women) need to just BE KIND!

*Speaking of kindness, yesterday I was the recipient of a stranger's kindness. And though it was a tiny act, it was just the kindness I needed during a very crazy, tense few moments. I made about 549 phone calls to Mike in this first few minutes, perplexed at my situation, and then my 550th phone call to him was me in tears telling him how kind a lady was and how I am now committed to be kind to EVERYONE, ALL of the time. I know--kind of a far-fetched goal, but I can try.

*Continuing with my kindness thoughts; I love our new hand-made sign (that I owe my sister-in-law still for!) in our family room that states, 'Kindness Matters'. Indeed it does.

Happy Weekend.


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