Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Using the NON-Christmas Present

Today's report of last weekend, really wouldn't be complete without using part of the blog post I have in my drafts still from December.

Of course on Christmas Eve, we didn't know the uncertainty in our lives (and finances) that would be coming our way.  Ironically though, our current uncertainty, has made Mike's Christmas Eve decision seem more and more right.  Yep-you read that correctly--seems more right.  After all, our circumstance is fairly temporary, but Megan's talent will be lasting a lot longer than that...

Mike laid around in bed most of Christmas Eve morning not feeling very good due to a cold. I politely refrained from asking him how long until he was going to get up and do something productive.

But before I knew it, I heard Mike saying to Megan, "Why wait any longer? Let's go get it."
Mike's few months of research, Megan's patience, and my closed mouth (surprise!) finally resulted in...

Megan's upgrade to a pedal harp!

(I love that she was so excited, she didn't even take her coat off before she started playing.)

Like Mike said, We can't afford it now and I'm sure we won't be able to afford it in three years either. But talent doesn't really wait...

And though Mike finally decided to get it on Christmas Eve.
It WAS NOT a Christmas present!

Now back to this last weekend, I had a very busy week, culminating in a big event I was part of on Saturday (will be blogged about soon).  Megan had a harp recital in Salt Lake--all was fine that I wouldn't be able to attend this event; Mike would be there with camera and video camera in hand, we'd all watch it together Saturday night, and life would be good.

Well, during the day on Saturday I noticed I had a couple of missed calls and then a text that read: "Where are the boys supposed to go?"  Oh yes, minor detail.  I had promised Mike I would arrange for a babysitter for the boys during the recital.  But in the hussle and bussle of my own preparations. I forgot!

Drew, though a lover of music, I guess had no interest in the recital music on Saturday.  So Mike spent the recital outside of not only the recital hall, but clear outside the music store, to alleviate Drew adding any sounds to the musical performance.  Being outside the building, didn't lend itself well to Mike being able to hear any of Megan's piano or harp performances.

Just as well he wasn't inside, as the video camera that was beginning to show low battery at the horse show the previous evening had forgotten to be charged.

Such is the life of a parent, it wasn't that we didn't care, it wasn't that we just stayed home, we both gave it some good effort but we fell a little short.  No pictures and no recordings, but we've heard the songs over and over enough times from practicing, that I think all will be well.

Add to it that Megan recently played at a Stake YW activity, the City Hall (which she was featured in the local newspaper for), and will be playing in a couple of weeks in Sacrament Meeting, and we didn't and won't be missing those performances-life is good.

Pictures or no pictures;
Megan is good.
Very good at the harp.

(PS--I have found it quite 'coincidental' that Mike chose to purchase the big, heavy, pedal harp a couple of months before major back surgery where he can't lift anything heavier than 6-10lbs for 6 months!!!  Instead he stands by and 'directs' the move and lift into the car.)


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