Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Loud and Clear

Forget all the sentiments about thoughtful homemade gifts or handwritten notes I wrote about yesterday. I received THE.BEST.BIRTHDAY.PRESENT.EVER. a couple of days late. Yesterday, my brother James and sister-in-law Kristin, gave me this:

I love it.
Some of my kids love it because they were able to come in promptly at dinnertime because they heard the first call.
Drew is scared of it.
Megan is mortified that her mother is going to become known around the neighborhood as the 'Megaphone Mom.'
And Mike, well I think his thoughts regarding it most closely relate to Megan's.

A couple of months ago our neighbors told me that sometimes if their television is turned off and their house is quiet they can hear me yell, "LUUUUKE, COME HOME." (Which incidentally, Luke is the most obedient child to come running home the very first time he hears his name being called.)

I'm hoping my new gift will help me not have to yell quite so loudly that the neighbors will hear. But on the other hand, they will probably hear me loud and clear no matter the noise level in their own house.

Perhaps not exactly a win-win situation.
But least my children will be on time for dinner.


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