Saturday, December 24, 2011

Annual Christmas Eve Dinner

Was certainly a different feel this year without my little brothers and their families with us on Christmas Eve, but we made do.

Pretty much the same old thing as every other year--everyone required to dress in their Sunday best (well of course except for Drew...and was NOT worth the battle!)

The trifle tradition in all of its anticipation was as always, one of the highlights of the evening.

And the winner was... 
Which left the rest of us not feel quite as obligated to finish our dessert portion. Well except for Luke, I think he was convinced their may be a second quarter hidden somewhere for his winning. (Of course there wasn't.)
I forgot that every year halfway through dinner the children always change into their new pajamas received from the Pajama Fairy that morning, until my sister-in-law Cindy mentioned that was one of the things she would surely miss this year.
(and darn it--my mom was taking those photos with her camera not mine!)

Grandpa usually gets the job of tracking Santa on NORAD with the children while the clean-up is done swiftly.

Then everyone leaves for home. We do our Luke 2 and singing traditions and then pictures by the tree before bed. Except Mom and Dad had run completely out of patience by then, and despite Megan's insistence that "We have to be holding our stockings for the picture", it didn't happen.

Not really sure anyone's patience was at it's peak. But such is life sometimes with seven people in a house.

Merry Christmas Eve!!


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