Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Donkey

I was thrilled a few years ago with the convenience of itunes, that I could add one of my old favorite Christmas songs to my collection. "Little Donkey" was a song I remember singing at school a lot. I laughed out loud the other day when I heard Joshua singing it while he was playing.

Most of my children ask for it to be skipped when it starts playing--I'm not sure if it is because they really don't like the song, or they don't like that it is a requirement that we all sing along with English accents.

I glanced on You Tube for a copy of it. I only listened partially to about 3-4 different versions, but clearly the ones sung with an American accent were axed pretty quickly. The best way to portray the song to you is with this version of a little English school class singing it--true to form how I think it should be sung.

Ahhh-just imagine me there on the front row with a green and grey tie, white shirt and grey skirt, thirty years younger.

And if you don't absolutely fall in love with this song and feel it a must-have for your Christmas playlist-we may no longer be able to be friends!

I'm kidding.


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