Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sabbath Day Observance--Davis County Style

Instead of three hours of church today, we barely even had one. We had a few announcements, the passing of the Sacrament and then a closing hymn and prayer. The same thing happened at churches throughout the county.

Around here, we are bracing for round two of severe winds that did a lot of damage on Thursday.

At our house, we only had a lawn chair and sprinkler head break in Thursday's storm. The majority of our neighbors did not fare as well. A few miles away my parents, though without power for almost 48 hours and a few fence panels less were lucky too.

Tonight we are expecting round two of the storm. The giant pine tree in my parent's front yard that keeps my dad up worrying during every wind storm was not thought to make it through some more near-hurricane force winds. (Because if it were to come down, there would be nowhere for it to go but on their house!)

So who was the 'lucky' guy recruited to climb the tree?

My dear husband. It is a dang good thing I wasn't there for the highest points of his ascent...

Luke worked every bit as hard as any grown-man there--in fact probably even more than some. He was a trooper. In his words, "This is way better than church."
Note our dear neighbor and friend, Paul in the background, who willingly went up to my parent's house to help too. His trailer and hard-work were a life-saver.

It was humbling to see neighbors and church members from my parent's congregation come and go during the tree cutting process. It was a wonderful sight to see.
The same scene could be seen throughout nearly every neighborhood in the county.
Few members of the LDS church in Davis County attended more than an hour of church today...

 "The greatest sermons aren't preached. They are lived."



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