Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sounds of Christmas

Who doesn't love Christmas music? (Besides Mike!) It is one of my favorite things about November and December. Fortunately, even though Mike would rather not HEAR any Christmas music playing, he is absolutely fine SINGING Christmas songs when I insist kindly encourage everybody to sing around the Christmas tree and/or piano each evening.

Tomorrow I'll do a little dinner tour of all of our December dinner parties (another December favorite!), but tonight I'll skip ahead to one of my favorite dinner party traditions each year--when our friends, Keith and Brandi and their girls come to visit. They are some of the only friends we have that wouldn't burst out laughing when asked to sing Christmas songs together. I think I only ever asked once, umpteen years ago. Now it is just part of our wonderful December dinner.

Brandi has a beautiful voice and I make her sing for me nearly every time she comes. Just in December I make everyone join in too.
 Without anyone saying anything, Drew took his proper place at the front of the room and conducted the music. Of course we are all used to his antics and conducting energy--but Keith and Brandi were thoroughly entertained by him. Drew shows no shyness or self-consciousness of anyone giggling at him-when he is listening to music and conducting, he goes off into his own world of musical fantasy.
 I love that now I can sit back and sing along and Megan accompanies us instead. Plus of course she is a much better piano player than me so it all runs a little more smoothly.
 Luke is probably the least enthused to be singing Christmas songs, but after losing his National Rodeo Program due to unkindness to a sibling, he resorted to other forms of entertainment. I'll have you know though he did join in singing "Away in a Manger." Who cares if he was upside down while he did it!

 Ellie is quite the little singer. She loves to sing. Bummer though--we didn't get either of her two favorite Christmas carols in--Silent Night or Angels We Have Heard. Good thing we still have a few more days to sing.
 Ahh-not only do these fine husbands sing, they also understand the unspoken, okay SPOKEN rule to wear the Christmas cracker hats longer than just at the dinner table. (More on Christmas crackers tomorrow.)
This year I was delighted that Lauren brought her violin along and played one of my favorite pieces of music.  (Canon in D--Pachabel).
Like I always say...
The Good Lord didn't bless me with a good singing voice, but he blessed me with a love of using the one I have. I love to sing. (Even though I am cringing at the memory of singing, "O Christmas Tree" with an English accent, off-key and a tad too loudly for Keith and Brandi tonight.)

I have high hopes that God will bless me for my singing efforts in this life with a beautiful voice in the next.

Now go enjoy some Christmas music. Only four more days to listen to it, by 7pm Christmas Day I don't want to hear anymore until November 1st of the next year.

Merry Christmas!


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