Friday, December 23, 2011

Tastes of Christmas

I absolutely LOVE having dinner parties in December. I love the different friends that come and the different activities we do with each. I love setting the table, cooking dinner, visiting and laughing with friends, and I even love the clean-up!

Certainly one of my favorite Christmas traditions...
We LOVE, LOVE our neighbors Kellen, Kari, Miles and Damon. (And I'm happy to report they join us for dinner far more often than once a year!)
Our 7th annual Christmas dinner with all the Tingeys:
(I love that Megan and Brandon did a harp/piano duet. (His very first time playing a harp!)
Some of our oldest and dearest friends, Keith and Brandi and their girls are some of my favorites to have dinner with. And of course we see them far more than once a year too.
(of course the singing photos in the previous post were from this dinner party.)

I love dinner parties that other people host--especially when it is for adults only! Family adult party at Mimi's house:
And we had a great family breakfast with my absolute BFF Melanie and her family at her house. But oops-the food was so delicious (Belgian waffles!!) I forgot all about taking any pictures-so this blurry one copied from Melanie will have to do.

Merry Christmas!


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