Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Ironic Assignment

For years my BFF and I have had a re-occurring conversation about homework. Although we have differing opinions on a lot of subjects, we agree 100% on homework. We both think it should be abolished and banned from every school worldwide.

We complain to each other about worksheets, book reports, science fair projects and just about anything else that comes home in our children's backpacks.

So I found it very ironic when I took on an assignment to write an article titled, "Five tips for getting homework done without a fight."


I couldn't bring myself to tell Melanie about my assignment, even though writing the article gave me a little added stress for a couple of weeks. Though typically a big cheerleader of my writing, I figured this one she would outright laugh at.

I really wish I had the nerve to send it to my daughter's second grade teacher, but I don't. (And please, nobody out there forward it to her!) Because really, I don't even think homework should be given to elementary school children AT ALL. Let alone on Fridays and holidays.

I strongly dislike homework. In fact, I'd even bring myself to use the "H" word on this one. I HATE homework--nonetheless it is probably here to stay.

And so I dedicate this article to my dear friend, Melanie.

Five tips for getting homework done without a fight...
(click on the link to read).

PS-If you're a teacher or a parent, please share with me your opinion on homework!


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