Monday, January 9, 2012

A Thank You for a Thank You

Last fall Megan helped our friend out with an open house at her store. Megan was thrilled that she was able to help with face-painting, constructing princess wands, and the clean-up at the end. She was even more thrilled that a Halloween bracelet she had seen in the store was given to her at the end of the night as a 'Thank you.'

By the time Megan got home that evening, she couldn't stop talking about her cute bracelet and how kind it was of Joni to give it to her, and how she didn't expect to have received anything as payment for 'having had fun.' After sufficient oohing and aahing over the bracelet, Megan questioned, "Should I write her a thank-you note for it?"

Ahh-that great lesson in showing thanks, yet receiving thanks.

I asked her if she said thank you when it was given to her, knowing full well she would have. (I never doubt that with Megan. Now some of my other kids are a different story.....) And then I explained that the bracelet was Joni's form of a thank you note, and sending a thank you for a thank you could go on endlessly.

Fast forward six weeks or so to the evening I received the most beautiful, surprising (delicious) delivery. It took me a couple of minutes to see who it was from. When I saw the note, I cried.

It was from our friend Russ, whose wife I wrote about in a blog post here last January and then in November a version of the article was in the Deseret News. (The online article can be read here, the in-print edition would be at the recycling land fill by now.) Russ sent me the delivery as a thank you for my kindness.

When the article was approved for publication in the Deseret News, I was mildly nervous about the obviousness of who it was about. My fears were laid to rest when the day after the article was published, Mike received a text that said,
"Just got a frantic call from my sister who just read the paper. Hug your wife for me and Logan. It is a fantastic article. Way above and beyond."
Mike called Russ, who was clearly touched by the article. And then the next day, my delivery came. 
As I tearfully tried to explain to Mike how touched I was, I kept thinking about how I needed to send Russ a thank you. And then together Mike and I realized, that was exactly what the delivery was. A heart-felt thank you. Even though really, my article was thanking him (and his wife) for a valuable lesson learned.

And while Mike joked about me writing an article about an article, I dilemma-ed about being so filled with gratitude over a thank-you.

Of course I sent an appropriate thank you and acknowledgement for such a thoughtful gesture. Even if it was in a 2011/2012 type way.


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