Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Lego Band

Far too often I get all jumbled up in a never-ending to-do list. In fact too often lately I'm not even paying attention to any type of to-do list, I'm simply running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I start one project or job, and then something else catches my attention mid-way through and I'm off to some other task while the previous one sits either undone or half done.

Lately I'm listening with half an ear to my children, looking without seeing and being there without really being there. All the while the laundry sits waiting to be put away, toilets wait to be cleaned, children wait for a book to be read while I'm running from one room to another not quite accomplishing much of anything.

The other morning Joshua and Drew entered the room and announced they had a "band" and "look at my guitar." I, of course was listening with half an ear, and looking with half an eye as I cleaned up the kitchen and gathered dirty towels, pajamas and socks to take upstairs to the laundry.

And then I realized that half look-really needed to be a whole look. There was Joshua strumming a guitar made from Legos, and there was Drew with a Lego-made drum and drumsticks. (Joshua was not happy that Drew kept mistakingly begin to conduct his own singing with the "drumsticks" instead of hit the "drum" with them.)

I couldn't help but stop, SIT DOWN and enjoy the show. I had my own personal concert with two boys singing "I am a child of God" while playing a Lego guitar and pounding a Lego drum. For fear of the concert ending, I didn't even get up to grab the camera until the third or fourth time through.

 I need to slow down more and remind myself MORE OFTEN that the other stuff can wait.
Lego bands won't be around forever.


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