Monday, January 2, 2012

Somebody Please SHUT UP!

When I was a child my mother started (and carried out) a rule that if you said "shut up" you had to put 10p in a little money bank that was almost identical to this marketing icon.
I honestly can't remember how many times I may have been slapped with the fine (I'm sure not many, I was a very good little girl), but I will admit now I would be darn near poor if the fine was still in effect. I say "shut up" far too often. Not necessarily in a mean way, but probably too often nonetheless...

My kids have been home from school now for 12 days in a row. I have absolutely LOVED no early morning lunches to pack and no homework filled afternoons. But my mind is ready to EXPLODE. I am in mental overload. The reason?

My kids DO NOT STOP talking. And I mean THEY DO NOT STOP TALKING!

The other night while out to dinner with some good friends, my friend told me I need to relax more. "What do you do to relax?" he asked. (Please bear in mind he asked this question in the middle of Christmas break.) My reply was something like this...

I told him that very afternoon I decided to lay down on the couch for 20 minutes to work on my new Sudoku puzzle book. I probably only got three numbers filled out and that was not because I was stumped by the puzzle! It was because my kids don't SHUT UP.

"Watch my tactor Mama, it's got big tailer"

"If you push this button on Buzz, the wings only come out if they are tucked away. If you push the button when they are out they don't come out because they already are out."

"I need..."
"I want..."
"Will you..."
"Hazel and Hank are..."
"Can I..."

Can you see now why I didn't even get a tenth of the way through one simple Sudoku puzzle in a 20 minute time frame?

An hour or so after the "Tiffany needs to relax conversation" we had with our dear friends, Mike and I laid in bed each reading a book. Drew fortunately was asleep in bed. Ellie was down the hall hollering at me that the medicine on her lip smelled funny and Joshua was calling to me to "Come see my horse farm I made!" Having ignored his previous 329 requests to come see it, I decided to go check it out. As I put down my book and climbed out of bed, I bumped into Megan who had just arrived at the side of my bed, beginning what I could tell was going to be a long-drawn out story.

Mike's book was still in front of his face and not a single sentence had been interrupted.

As I sit here at the computer, Megan stood in the kitchen rambling to no one in particular, when she said aloud, "I think it would be so fun to have your own talk show."

Mike's quick witty response? "You already do."

I rest my case. Sometimes I can't help but exclaim,
"Shut up!"

Thank goodness my mother doesn't live with us and impose any fines for freedom of speech.

Tomorrow my kids are returning to school. Even Joshua will be at pre-school for 3 hours. I am not ashamed to admit I'm going to pull out a handful of suckers from a secret stash and hand more than the suggested serving size over to Drew.

Maybe, just maybe it will give me just a little bit of quiet time to R-E-L-A-X.
Happy New Year!


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