Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mustaches, Four-Arms and Such

Joshua has had a pretty legitimate sore above his lip now for a few days. As it began to scab over, he kept licking it and it was having a hard time healing. Mike (ever the Neosporin and bandaid Nazi) suggested covering the scab with some ointment and a bandaid to help it heal faster.

Well, that just caused all sorts of commotion and excitement around here. Because if you remember, not long ago Joshua exclaimed to me, "When I get big I will be really, really happy if I get a mustache."

It was no surprise that I came home from the store the other day to find the bandaid had been colored to more closely resemble a mustache.
Joshua has been pretty much in heaven all week.

We are now out of bandaids and I'm pretty sure the black marker reached it's coloring capacity and has been tossed in the garbage.

Ellie on the other hand discovered the other night during dinner preparations that she had four arms. She was delighted. I was less than delighted that she wasn't able to use two of those four arms to help assist with aforementioned dinner preparations! Guess having four arms comes with its privileges.
(That was Ellie's attempt at a monster face. Not sure if she was just posing for the photo, or trying to scare us from asking her to carry through with her assigned dinner chore.)

As for Drew--he actually got dressed one day this week to go visit Hank and Hazel with Luke. We were all in a state of shock when 2 hours later he was still fully dressed. It was certainly worthy of a photo.
As for Luke, he too often thinks it is his assigned duty to entertain the rest of us at the wrong times. Like at scripture time or bedtime. Take last night for example. We had already been unimpressed and un-humored by his attempt at reading from a Spanish Book of Mormon instead of one of the 500 ENGLISH ones we have lying around. (I'm humored about it already, but at the time Mike and I were pretty frustrated with his antics.) After scripture reading hadn't gone so well, Luke was given strict instructions to shower and then do his assigned school reading quietly by himself and not disturb anyone.

Instead, Luke exited the bathroom from his shower with his underwear practically pulled up to his neck, his shirt tucked in, and some sort of awful feather contraption in his hair. He came into our bedroom and began dancing and leaping around in an effort to entertain us yet again. Unfortunately for him, I just happened to have my camera in my hand ready to take downstairs to upload pictures with. 
Can you tell how fast he started running when he saw the camera in my hand?
Pretty darn fast.

Luke heard us all laugh as we viewed the captured photo on the camera screen and quickly returned to attempt to delete the picture. As Luke grabbed for the camera, Mike grabbed for Luke-except Mike didn't really have much to grab onto except... well let's put it this way, Luke experienced first-hand what "a wedgie" feels like.

I declined to take a picture.

Of course I can't leave out Megan. But I don't typically have my camera with me as she is being told 30 minutes after having been told "goodnight"  not to come into our room one more time. More often than not, the first 67 times of telling her don't quite work, but as our voices get slightly louder and our tones a little meaner she gradually gets the hint.

And that pretty much sums up a typical day in our neck of the woods that I must record, why? Oh yeah, because supposedly, Mike and I are gonna miss this one day!


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