Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deliberate Thinking

What a wonderful evening Mike and I had on Friday night at another Power of Moms Couples Workshop. No matter how many times I attend or present at a Power of Moms Workshop or Retreat, I am amazed at the new stuff I learn from other great mothers and in this case, some great dads too.  
While I love all the Power of Moms stuff, there is something really unique about occasionally, dads being a part of it too.  It's been interesting to see Mike's enthusiasm for this stuff increase. Even though I would always have considered him a pretty deliberate father, he was quite hesitant to attend the first Power of Moms Couples Retreat last fall in Park City. He went purely to support me, yet came away with so much more than a happy and content wife.

Back to Friday night.

We spent two and a half hours discussing ways to be more deliberate in our parenting and how to create family systems that will help make strong families. It didn't matter that some couples had younger children or some had older. It didn't matter that some couples had more children than others. What mattered, was that thirteen couples were gathered together in one place talking about their families. What a feeling!

Despite being slightly mortified that Mike and I gave into peer pressure and sang our family rule song, it was a wonderful evening.
I've told you before and I'll tell you again. Finding the Power of Moms just about two years ago has been life changing for me. There hasn't been an article, program, or event that I have been a part of that I haven't learned something from.

Indeed, a fine place for mothers to gather. Check it out HERE


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