Monday, January 23, 2012

A Valid Question

I am repeatedly asked if all three of my boys are cowboys. I pretty much give the same response every time.

Through absolutely no influence of ours, Luke "became" a cowboy when he was about five years old. Despite my dad buying Luke his first pair of cowboy boots one summer evening, it really wasn't until I saw Luke dressed in Wranglers, a belt buckle and a cowboy hat a couple of months later that I knew this was probably not just a phase.

I was right.

Even though Joshua received his first pair of cowboy boots before he was even two. I was determined to let him "choose" his own way and not do something just because of Luke. For Joshua's third birthday all he asked for was "a cowboy hat and Wranglers." Really, the rest is history. That kid doesn't even own a pair of jeans that aren't Wranglers.

Along came Drew. Despite receiving some new cowboy boots before he was two years-old, I've committed to let him choose his own interests too.

So, when I am asked the question, "Are all three of your boys cowboys?" I tell them, it is probably too early to tell if Drew will follow suit.

Except the other day, when I poked my head out the mudroom door and saw this:

Perhaps I have the answer after all.


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