Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giving In

I dislike feeding babies baby food. Actually, I don't dislike it, I almost H-A-T-E it. I'm always "late" to do it. In fact, with Luke and Ellie I didn't feed them solid food until they could pick it up and eat it themselves. They are now my pickiest eaters, so whether it is related or not, I faithfully fed Joshua baby food.

People keep saying such things as,
"Why haven't you started feeding Drew?"
"He doesn't eat food yet?"
"He'd like it."
"He's probably hungry."

I've ignored most of this peer pressure...
After all, I am a seasoned mother of 5.

Except my good friend, who I thought was of the "Tiffany is a seasoned mother of 5" mindset, informed me the other day that it is probably time for Drew to eat solid food. She further stated, if she would have had some baby food at her house the other day, she would have given him some.


I finally have given in. This morning Drew tried cereal for the first time.

Beside the fact my older children who are at school will never forgive me, as they have been begging for me to "Open Drew's cereal and let's feed him."...

Beside the fact that the booster chair I pulled from the garage has no padded cushion, no tray (I must look for that), and I'm embarrassed to even tell you what color the straps are...

(The booster was very well used by Ellie and Joshua, and Daddy thinks it will be fine for Drew too. Note to Santa: Please bring Drew a new booster chair.)

Beside the fact that Drew stuck his hand in his mouth which is why I H-A-T-E FEEDING BABIES and that cut short our first feeding session...

It was actually a fairly pleasant experience.

And I didn't even cry.


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