Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sewn with Love

Recently, I left to run some errands. I left Megan and Ellie playing 'dance class.' When I returned, Ellie was wearing this skirt over her leotard.

Somewhere during the 'dance class' Megan became distracted and started a Home Economics class instead.

Megan made this skirt in the hour I was gone. With no help at all. (Well if you count Ellie's opinion as help.)

Though the hem has been left raw, the skirt is complete with a sewed on elastic waist and ties closed with a sewn on piece of ribbon.

I was very impressed.

I was even more impressed when Thursday afternoon rolled around and it was time for Ellie's real dance class. She came downstairs dressed in the leotard and skirt. Really, how could I tell her not to wear it?

When it was time to pick Ellie up from class and drop Megan off for hers, Megan and I walked into the dance studio. Megan saw Ellie dancing and turned to me and said, in the almost-eleven-year-old-I-care-about-clothes voice (and facial expression),

"I made the skirt for dress-ups not to be worn for reals."

I simply shrugged my shoulders. And as any intuitive mother can relate, I couldn't help but see through the almost embarrassed grin on Megan's face, that really she was proud that Ellie was wearing the skirt "for reals."


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