Saturday, September 26, 2009


During lunch the other day, Ellie mentioned, "I had my eyes checked at school today." A brief, "Oh you did. How did it go?" was all that was replied, the request to put more ranch on her plate distracted us both.
Later in the afternoon, my friend, who serves as the Volunteer Co-Ordinator on my PTA board came over. She asked to use my phone to make some phone calls to get volunteers for the Kindergarten Eye Screening. "Oh," I replied. "I think it was today." We both turn to Ellie, a little concerned we had the date wrong.

My questioning went something like this,

"Ellie, did you get your eyes checked today?"
Ellie, went into Ellie-Mode; complete silence while maintaining direct eye contact.

Kim moved on with the phone calls. Though, I was slightly perplexed that my daughter had her eyes checked today... yet we were recruiting volunteers for the Kindergarten Eye Screening the next week...

The afternoon continued.
Evening followed.

While I was doing the dinner dishes, Ellie announced,
"When I was getting my eyes checked today, we had to raise our hand when we heard a noise."

Eye Screenings... Hearing Tests...

Aren't you supposed to know the difference between eyes and ears sometime BEFORE Kindergarten?!?


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