Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This morning we had tears.
Lots of tears.
The "I don't want to go to school today" tears.

As the bus approached the teary eyed child could not face getting on the bus.

Mom, two little boys and the teary eyed child returned home from the bus stop.

What to do?

Not much sympathy from Dad. Mom searching for the underlying reason... Mom knows these tears are not normal...

To make a long story short. (er)

Mom takes teary eyed child to school. Teary-eyed-turned-dry-eyed child asks to be walked to class. Dry eyes turn to tears as the entrance to class was made. Mom tries hard to not cry, and leaves the child in the hall.

Mom waits patiently in line to talk to the teacher while the teacher is helping another teary eyed child in the class, stop crying,

"Hold your breath, count to 5. Your eyes should dry," instructs the teacher.

Mom luckily overhears the advice and follows the instructions. At the same time, Mom prays she will not burst into tears as soon as the teacher talks to her.

Teacher, Mom and Teary-Eyed child discuss 'issues.' No resolution is made.

After hugging almost-dry-eyed child. Mom rushes out of the school as tears freely fall.

Mom is fully crying by the time she returns to the car. At home, Dad doesn't fully understand Mom's tears. Dad is not a mother. He will never understand a mother's tears.

Mom is blessed with the intuition that only mothers get; She's pretty sure she knows the root of the problem.

It is not a problem.

But to a grade-school child it was...


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