Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not As I Imagined

This is what you get when a child sneaks mom's camera over to the neighbor's house, and that neighbor has just returned from hunting...

My little boy Luke, for the first (almost) two years of his life was dressed in hardly anything but Baby Gap clothes. (What happened to his clothing after that is a WHOLE 'NOTHER POST!)

As all mothers of babies, I had my thoughts and ideas of what my little baby's personality, interests and talents would be...

In a million years, my thoughts and ideas would NEVER have been that as a young boy, Luke would not only be taking photos of dead-decapitated-deer, but would hold a dead-decapitated deer in his hands!?!

Not to mention, always being dressed appropriately to engage in 'those types of behaviors'...

Luke was so excited to show me these photos.

Luke thought I would care about these photos.
Luke thought I would be happy to see these photos.
Luke thought I would want to keep them forever.

Luke was right.


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