Friday, September 4, 2009


What exactly made me slightly ornery at some point on Friday afternoon?

Was it when I had to turn my baby upside down because his two year-old brother decided to share his raisins?

Or was it when I got half-way to the grocery store with three kids in tow and realized I had forgotten my purse?

Was it when I grabbed the first 'car cart' in the row and found that it doesn't have two steering wheels, (one each for Ellie and Joshua) and I have to rearrange the whole cart station to find one with two?

Or was it because while standing in the check-out line with my baby crying, the lady in front of me counted out every last penny in her purse before finally handing her debit card over for the remaining $1.24.

Or could it have been when the bagger (who happened to be a manager), looked at my baby and asked, "How old is she?"

Honestly though, I really think it was when the bagger obviously trying to make up for his blunder about my 'he' being a 'she.' He tried to make a whole conversation with me about him being color blind whilst loading my bread, apples and eggs.

(Could he not already tell that between my baby crying, the lady counting out her change and my day already, that I really didn't care if he called my baby a 'she.' I didn't need to hear all about him picking out mismatched ties and his wife wondering if he is really going to wear that...)

Was it my facial expressions, or my lack of enthusiastic conversing that this same bagger after loading my groceries, looked at me and said, "I really hope you have a good day."

What does he mean 'really hope' I have a good day?

Did somehow I let my true feelings show and he thought it wasn't possible for me to have a good day?

Really. Am I that easy to read?


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