Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dreaded Day

Halloween is my least favorite holiday ever.
My kids aren't really big fans of it either. (Hmm-imagine where they get that attitude from.)

Last week was Joshua's Preschool Halloween Program. I sent a picture text of Joshua to Mike during it and he replied, "Why didn't he dress up?"
(excuse the bent cowboy hat that was found stuck under the bed three minutes before preschool departure time)

My older boys will be cowboys (the youngest a horse), even though my BFF declared she would not give my boys candy if they show up at her house on Halloween night in their cowboy clothes, because, "They won't be dressed up."

Oh the technicalities of a silly old holiday.

On Halloween Eve, we had a family birthday dinner. And yes, I even had dry ice coming out of the cauldron filled with apple juice. To which Megan questioned, "For not liking Halloween Mom, why are we having a Halloween party."
It wasn't.
It was the October/November family birthday celebration.

At which Hank was the most popular attendee.
Although the dry ice experiments before it was thrown out were very popular too.
Now we're waiting for the dreaded evening of trick or treating, which actually isn't so dreaded this year as Mike and I struck quite the deal with the older two kids. They'll be no spousal arguing around here about who has to take younger kids out trick or treating.

Happy Halloween!


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