Friday, October 14, 2011

Missed Again

Now that Megan's birthday is past, the countdown to mine truly begins. My birthday is ten days from Megan's (EIGHT FROM TODAY) and Luke's is then ten days from mine.
Fortunately, Luke's birthday is a different month than mine and Megan's and so there is hope that HIS birthday will not be skipped from our church birthday calendar like mine and Megan's were!!
Remember this year here, when my birthday was omitted?
Then again (here) last May, when Ellie's was omitted?

Well Sunday morning, our monthly church newsletter came and Megan and I anxiously grabbed it to find our name and birthday in print. (I know, you'd think we were turning 6, not 13 and 37, but we like our birthdays okay?!)

But what do you know?????????
Someone made a mistake and put the AUGUST birthdays in the OCTOBER newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, at this point I'm considering starting a campaign for a new church assignment. Someone has to see to it that me or my children's birthdays are never missed again.

 (Note sarcasm please--we don't at all campaign for assignments in our church.)  

Whether or not anyone else chooses to acknowledge it or not, my birthday is indeed eight days away.
And yes, I am counting.


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