Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MY 90210 Towel

I'm not ashamed to admit that while in college, I was an avid watcher of the television series Beverly Hills 90210. Further, I'm not ashamed to admit that if I had cable television, it is quite possible that me, a non-television person would probably spend far too much time watching re-runs.

I'm also not ashamed to admit I still have a Beverly Hills 90210 beach towel (with portraits of Brandon and Dylan from 90210 claim).  Although a few years ago, Mike declared it to be a 'rag towel' and it never quite recovered from whatever Mike used it for. My red and black 90210 towel's new home then became the 'rag towel cupboard' in the garage.

When I mop the floor, I like to walk on the wet parts with a towel. I usually always choose my 90210 towel to complete the task.

Even though the towel is among rags, I still feel a little possessive about how and what it is used for.

I wasn't exactly thrilled the other week, when Brandon and Dylan's faces were used to dry off... HANK!!!!!!

But I was quick to forgive, and after a couple of washes and extra rinses in hot water, it resumed it's place in the garage rag closet.

WELL, Monday morning during my laundry day, there were the typical rag towels in the laundry room sink waiting to be washed. (Mike had cleaned his truck.) As I started putting them from the sink to the washing machine, I NOTICED MY 90210 TOWEL HAD BEEN CUT INTO SMALLER RAGS. I was BEYOND furious, and Mike was DANG lucky he didn't answer the phone right then and there. By the time we had our 'confrontation' on the driveway later that evening I had cooled down (somewhat).

When questioned "WHY IN THE WORLD COULD YOU NOT HAVE CUT UP ONE OF THE OTHER 16 RAG TOWELS?" Mike's response with his crooked smile (that always softens me) said:

"I love getting a reaction out of you."

He cut up MY 90210 towel for 'A REACTION'?
I'm still working on forgiving my dear husband while Brandon and Dylan now sit in four nice equal pieces in my garage.
I may never mop the floor again

(I couldn't help but do a quick search online to see if those towels are still available. I found one. The description clearly states, "Never used." Too bad I can NOT say the same for mine.)


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