Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Teen

I get melancholy and focused on the stark reminders that reflect how quickly time is passing that I often don't reflect on the more subtle occurrences. Yet somehow in between the 'stark' and 'subtles' of living, today I find myself with a THIRTEEN year old.

A 13 Year Old.

I don't keep it a secret that I rushed the newborn and baby stage with my first two babies. It is one of my greatest regrets. If you remember this post here, I reflected how quick I was to have Megan do such things as ride a two-wheeler or start pre-school. I'm not doing those things with Drew. Funny isn't it? The perspective of a first child versus a last child.

I am certainly no longer in a hurry to move onto any new stages. I know now they will come all too quickly. After all, where in the world did the time go from this:
(Megan's first birthday picture)

To this?
(Megan's 13th birthday!!)

What a fabulous day.
Man, does this girl know how to make the gift-giver feel good:

Thirteen. I can remember so clearly being Megan's exact age. We are very opposite thirteen year olds, I had nothing close to the confidence, talent and security she has now. What a great thirteen year old she is! And what a fun stage to be in--I love having a daughter who can help straighten or curl those hard to reach pieces of hair at the back of my head, or who borrows MY shoes, or who offers me advice on what jewelry to wear with what outfit, or someone who is very capable to be left home alone with four younger siblings, or. . ., or. . ., or.

I think I might quite like this teenager stage.

(Anyone notice what is missing????)
When half the cake was eaten and even half the guests had left, my mother saw the 'Birthday Hat' sitting neglected in the center of the table! And so yes, we had to do the candles and singing all over again...
Happy 13th Birthday Megan!!


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