Saturday, October 22, 2011


My dear friend, Lesley just stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday and expressed shock that I didn't have a birthday post up. So, I will quickly use a small portion of part of my birthday present (personal time alone in a quiet house) to wish myself a Happy Birthday.

(Megan was slightly disappointed that I didn't want a fancily decorated cake that she makes so well. Just chocolate cake and straight (homemade) chocolate frosting for me, thank you.)

My mother-in-law made a reference this morning about birthdays being like Christmas at our house.

What an insult! ;)
My birthday is better than Christmas.

At Christmas everyone is important.
But on my birthday, I am.
And I have no trouble admitting it!

Even when I have to fight Drew all through breakfast for the Birthday Hat that I was wearing... Drew threw an almighty temper tantrum crying 'want da hat', and Megan was shocked that I, the mother, would not give it to him and instead replied to her, "It's my birthday, not his."

I know, I know, I'm 37 and he is 2, which is why I eventually gave in.
By lunchtime-he knew better than to ask for it again.

Happy Birthday, to ME!!!


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